cow and sidf greenDairy Stock – from South Island Dairy Farmers Ltd
the South Island’s leading specialist dairy livestock company

South Island Dairy Farmers Ltd – dynamically delivering to South Island dairying since 1985.

Our business is your business, the business of dairy farming.
Our objective is simply to make your farming business grow.

Dairy Stock Specialists – South Island Dairy Farmers Ltd – more than just a stock agent.

The Services the Company provides are:


  • Buying and selling cows and young stock
  • Removing bobby calves
  • Culls – fast delivery to works at best prices with 5 schedules monitored weekly
  • Supplying all types of breeding bulls for heifers and cows.
  • Providing grazing  -  winter and long term, well monitored weights and animal health
  • Valuations of livestock / herds
  • Sourcing and contracting the supply of weaner bulls onto farms
  • Actively negotiating with meat companies for the best possible prices and terms for individual clients

The business of SIDF is built upon a very close knit team of highly skilled and experienced specialists networking together to recognise and optimise the opportunities presented in the market for dairy industry services